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An ongoing aspect of our work is the need: 

  • To identify disincentives to the use of public transport whenever they arise.
  • To work for their appropriate removal
  • To promote any improvements as widely as  possible once they have been put in place.
disability transport action group meeting
A disability transport action group meeting

Identification of transport requirements

  • Meetings with town and community councils and other groups.
  • Carrying out / assisting with surveys of the area’s transport services.
Town council meeting

Highlighting the need for transport improvements to, from and within the area

  • Meetings with local authority transport officers.
  • Meetings/correspondence with elected representatives.
  • Meetings/correspondence with transport operators.
  • Provision of evidence at local, regional and national transport meetings.
  • Responses to local, regional and national transport consultations.
  • News releases and interviews with the media
Fishguard rail study team
2007 Fishguard rail study team

Transport improvement include:

Train Station
  • The extension of coastal shuttle bus services north of St Davids up to Poppit Sands and inland to the Preselis. 
  • The wide range of Preseli Green Dragon dial-a-ride and other community transport services. 
  • The pilot TownRider project for Fishguard, to benefit disabled and elderly people who are unable to use bus services, now available in all of Pembrokeshire’s larger towns. 
  • The introduction of the first 15 year Wales and Borders Rail Franchise in 2003, as well as the subsequent franchise in 2018. 
  • The provision of additional train services to Fishguard in 2011 and the reopening of Fishguard and Goodwick rail station in 2012. 
  • Improvements to walking and cycling provided by Safe Routes in the Communities schemes and moving forward in Active Travel plans.

Looking ahead

  • Bearing in mind the often multi-modal nature of journeys that passengers make, the challenge of providing effective integration along these journeys must be taken very seriously.
  • The issues surrounding the current variety of timetable arrangements must be given serious attention to see how they might be harmonised
  • All too often familiar integrated journeys fall apart when timetables change.
  • Train platforms and stations, bus stops and walking and cycling paths should be regarded, designed and operated as transport hubs.
Bus collecting from the Ferry at Fishguard
Bus - Ferry
Train collecting from the Ferry at Fishguard
Train - Ferry
Bikes can be transport on the train
Bikes - Ferry
Bus - Train
Bus - Train
  • In a dream scenario, this might help solve many of the issues surrounding accessibility, punctuality, cancellations and the provision of replacement services.

The Forum Executive Committee

Stephen Hale, Chairman
Hatti Woakes, Secretary/Treasurer

Andrew Campbell, Sally Francis, Cllr Mike James,
Cllr Raymond Llewhelin, Richard McVeigh, Tanya McVeigh,
and Mike Phillips.